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The claims period ended on June 23, 2015. The lawyers and the claims administrator have been working hard since then to process the over 1 million claims we received.


Over 880,000 claims for $20 have now been approved and cheques are in the process of being mailed out to approved claimants.

The claims administrator has already sent emails to everyone whose claim was approved. If you received an email saying that your claim has been approved, your cheque will be mailed before the end of 2015.

The claims administrator has also sent emails to some people whose claims were not approved, or who needed to send more information. If you have sent more information to the claims administrator but not received a second email saying your claim is approved, you are still eligible but your cheque will not be mailed this year. There will be another email from the claims administrator with more information.

If you did not send in more information when asked, or if you received an email saying that your claim had not been approved, you will not be receiving any money.


All other claims (Standard Claims) will be sent a decision notice before the end of 2015. The decision notice will tell you whether your claim was approved, and how much money you will be receiving. If you filed online, your notice will be sent by email. Cheques will be mailed to these claimants early in February 2016.”

 Need more information?  Review the facts about the class action and the claims process or contact the claims administrator at